Your Zipcar Billing Statement

The Billing Page

On the member website, click on Billing in the top navigation bar to access the Billing page.


Here are a few tips when viewing the Billing page:

  • Line items are grouped by trip or recurring charge (i.e. membership, damage protection plans, etc).
    • Clicking on a line item will allow you to view a detailed breakdown of all transactions associated with that item.
    • If additional charges are applied to a trip (such as tolls, overage miles, or fees), the trip associated with that cost with have an Updated tag next to it.
  • Items are listed by most recent activity first, going back 12 months. 
  • Your total credit balance is shown in the Driving credit box at the top right of the page. If you have any credits, you can click the View more details link to see a breakdown of all the active credits on your account.
    • Please note: So long as you have credits, they are automatically applied to your trips. To see how much driving credit was applied to a recent trip, expand the trip item to view the transaction details. Any credits that were applied will be listed here.


  • If you wish to see your activity for a specific date range, click Download activity at the top left of the page, next to Your activity to export the information as a CSV file.
  • If there are multiple drivers on your account, you can toggle between each driver on your account to view their history.


Billing for Business Accounts

If you make your Zipcar payments on a monthly basis, there are a few differences in how you billing and invoice information is displayed.


The Invoices tab is where you can see the most recent invoices for your account along with CSV and PDF export options. Each invoice that is not the current invoice will have a payment status next to it (paid, unpaid, or partial).



The PDF file is your formal invoice, where you can find:

  • Date of each trip
  • Description of trips (including the driver)
  • Total distance driven
  • Cost of trips
  • Cost is broken out into trip fees, hourly/daily rate, tax, overage mileage charges, ect

You can also export your invoice details to a CSV, where you can find:

  • Date of each trip
  • Description of trips (including the driver)
  • Total distance driven
  • Booking memo
  • Cost of trip (broken out into trip fees, hourly/daily rate, tax, overage mileage charge, etc)
  • Payment once applied to corresponding invoices

CSV exports are available for all invoice periods, including those which have not yet closed. Current invoices are subject to change based on account activity that occurs throughout the invoice period.

There may be cases where two invoices will be listed for a given month. One invoice will include trips and trip associated costs while the other will include recurring costs such as membership and damage protection fees. For accounts setup on paper bill payment, you will be able to apply a single check to multiple invoices.

Should you need to request any information that you’re not able to find on the Billing or Invoices page or have any questions, please fill out this form.

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