Your Zipcar Billing Statement

Viewing your Billing activity

On the member website, click on Billing in the top navigation bar to access the Billing page.

Here are a few tips when viewing the Billing page:

  • Line items are grouped by trip or recurring charge (i.e. membership or waiver fees).
    • Clicking on a line item will allow you to view a detailed breakdown of all transactions associated with that item.
  • Items are listed by most recent activity first, going back 12 months. 
  • Your total credit balance is shown in the Your credits callout at the top right of the page. If you have any credits, you can click the View details link to see a breakdown of all the active credits on your account.
    • Please note: So long as you have credits, they are automatically applied to your trips. To see how much driving credit was applied to a recent trip, expand the trip item to view the transaction details. Any credits that were applied will be listed here.
  • A monthly view of all billing activity is coming soon. 

Accounts on monthly payment cycles: Accessing your invoice

If you make your Zipcar payments on a monthly basis, there are a few differences in how you access your billing information on the new Billing page.

Here are a few tips when reviewing your Zipcar billing activity:

  • Please review the section above for tips on the Billing page itself.
  • As we are in the process of moving between billing systems, your invoice for activity on the old billing system may need to be accessed separately.
    • From the Billing page, click the additional link under Your credits called View invoice summary here. The information provided in the pop-up window includes all your activity on the new billing system.
      • Click on a past invoice to download billing activity associated with that invoice.
    • To access your activity on the old system, click on the link at the bottom of the pop-up window: “Activity on old billing system can be viewed here.” From there, you will be able to download and review your activity from the old system.
  • For the time being, you may continue to incur charges on the old system, specifically recurring charges like membership fees and waiver fees. This means that you may see two different balances and payments due for a given month.
  • Should you need to request any information that you’re not able to find on the Billing page or have any questions, please fill out this form.