Adding Additional Drivers

When adding an additional driver to your account they will be able to make reservations, but you (as the account holder) will be responsible for all billing matters. Below are a few steps on adding others to your account.

What you'll need to do
Let the new driver know the email address you have on file as they will need it to find your account when applying. Once their application is submitted you will receive an email with instructions on how to approve them as a driver on your account.

What the new driver will need to do
The new driver will need to select Join an Existing Account here. During the process, they will be prompted to enter your email address to find your account.

Managing additional drivers
You are always able to manage additional drivers on your account by clicking here to go to your account page. Under the my membership section there will be a link to manage drivers on my account. Here you will be able to approve and revoke memberships of additional drivers.

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