Starting Your Reservation

Finding your Zipcar
Once you reserve, you will receive a confirmation email with directions on finding where your Zipcar lives. You can also find these same details on your mobile app by clicking See where I live when looking at your current trip. These instructions will provide you pictures and details about locating and accessing the Zipcar.

Unlocking your Zipcar
At the time of your reservation, just hold your Zipcard against the card reader on the windshield. Hold it steady for a few seconds, and the doors will unlock.

Once you've scanned in with your Zipcard, you can then either use your Zipcard or phone to lock and unlock the doors throughout your reservation. Do not use the key to lock and unlock; the key should always remain inside the vehicle. 

Do a Quick Once Over of The Zipcar
Part of a community model is ensuring that all members follow a few rules.  It is important to report issues at the beginning of your reservation since we don’t touch Zipcars between reservations.  You don't want to be held responsible for anything you didn't cause, so don't forget to check for damage, cleanliness, and fuel at the start of every reservation.

Check the outside of the vehicle for dents, scratches or other damage, and if it is larger than a credit card, let us know.  Be sure to also report any cleanliness issues, and there should be at least 1/4 tank of gas.  Reporting the condition of the vehicle can be done in the mobile app.





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