Are toll passes included in my Zipcar?

Yes, as an added convenience, most Zipcars will include a toll pass. To confirm a vehicle has a toll pass, review the car's amenities list when booking your Zipcar.

Keep In Mind

  • If your Zipcar comes with a toll pass that is not in an eToll box, do not use a personal toll pass as this may result in double-charging by the toll authority
  • If your Zipcar has an eToll box, be sure to open it to activate the toll pass; if you plan on using a personal toll pass, be sure to close the eToll box to prevent double-charging by the toll authority
  • If you're in a Zipcar which does not offer a toll pass, you may use your own toll pass or the pay-by-plate toll lane in accordance with the rules and regulations set up by the toll authority

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