Toll Pass & Policy

Most Zipcars will include a toll pass. To find a Zipcar with one, check the vehicle amenity icons when booking your Zipcar.

While it doesn't cost extra to book a car with a toll pass, you will be responsible for any and all tolls incurred during your trip. All toll charges will be added to your account after your trip ends.

It may take a few weeks for Zipcar to learn of the tolls from the municipality or local authority. Toll fees will appear in the list of charges for the associated  trip and will be processed as a separate charge on your credit card.

You can find your trip summaries and invoices on your account page here


If your Zipcar comes with a provided toll pass, do not use a personal toll pass. Attempts to do so may result in double-charging by the toll authority.

If you're in one of our cities which does not offer toll passes, you may use your own in accordance with the rules and regulations set up by the toll authority.

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