Toll Pass and Tolls Policy

Toll Passes

Most Zipcars will include a toll pass. To find a Zipcar with a toll pass you can check the vehicle amenity icons when selecting which Zipcar to drive. While it does not cost anything to use the toll pass, you will still be responsible for the tolls charges.

Toll Charges

All toll charges will be added to your account after the reservation ends. It may take a few days for Zipcar to learn of the tolls from the municipality so we add tolls on your account as a pending charge. All tolls will settle on your monthly settlement date which you can find by clicking here to go to your account page. Your settlement date can be found under my membership and will be the same day of the month as you membership fee renewal.

Personal Tolls

If your Zipcar comes with a toll pass, don't use your own personal pass instead as this could result in double-charging. If you're in one of our cities that does not offer toll passes, you may use your own as long as you follow the rules and regulations set up by the toll authority.