How Reservations Are Billed

When you make a reservation, a hold is temporarily placed on your credit card for the cost of the reservation in case you decide to cancel or make any changes. After 30 minutes we will bill your credit card. Any driving credit on the account will automatically apply at the time the reservation is billed. Changes to your reservation after this point will be billed immediately.

Additional charges during your trip (such as mileage, fees, or extensions) will be billed at the end of your reservation.

Any toll charges or traffic violations will be added as a pending charge to your account and will bill on your monthly settlement date. As these types of fees are sent to us after the reservation, the charges may not appear until several weeks after the reservation has occurred.

Please be sure to have the correct credit card on file before booking as we are not able to move charges to a different card. 

To view all charges on your account, sign in here.

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