Returning Your Zipcar (Parking)

To end your reservation you will need to return your Zipcar to its home location, which is the same spot where you picked it up.

If your Zipcar spot it taken or is blocked, please contact Zipcar for alternate parking instructions. This will allow us to help the next member know where to find the car.

 New York

We have launched on-street parking in New York City. If you find that another vehicle is parked in your space, please contact us and we will assist with finding an alternate location. If you arrive and cannot find your vehicle, try honking the horn via the app. It may be parked just down the block.

 San Diego

  • We  launched several on-street spaces provided by the city as "Permitted Car Share Vehicles Only or No Parking (Reserved Car Share)".   These parking locations can be unique as the parking is not branded with Zipcar signage. However, they do have “car share only” branding and signage. 

Washington DC / Alexandria VA

  • On-street Zipcar locations in Arlington County will now be designated by “No Parking – Except Reserved Car-Share” signs, as well as noted when making a reservation. Follow all the same steps when booking, picking up, and dropping off your Zipcar. Don’t forget – you will always return your Zipcar to the location you picked it up. 
  • What do I do if someone is parked in the Zipcar space when I return the vehicle?  Members are instructed to park in the nearest legal on-street parking space. Initiate a tow by calling Arlington PD at 703-558-2222 and notify Zipcar at 1-866-494-7227.






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