Where do I park my Zipcar?

Your Zipcar should be returned to the home location in a Zipcar-branded parking space at the end of your trip. If you're dropping off at a location that has more than one Zipcar space, any of them will do.

You should never leave your Zipcar in another home location or anywhere outside of its designated location unless otherwise instructed.

Check out what else is needed to end your reservation.

Regional Parking Information


What to look for: If your Zipcar lives at a City of Denver on-street (curbside) Zipcar spot and the spot has been taken by another vehicle when you arrive, you may park in a legal parking space on the same block. Be sure to call the call 866-4ZIPCAR to let us know where exactly you parked it.

San Diego

What to look for: Several on-street spaces provided by the city have signs which say "Permitted Car Share Vehicles Only" or "No Parking (Reserved Car Share)."

How it's Different: These Zipcar locations are unique as the parking is not branded with Zipcar signage.

Washington, DC.

What to look for: When driving a Zipcar in DC, you can park at any legal curbside space unless otherwise restricted (i.e., temporary Emergency No Parking, Rush Hour Zoned spaces, spaces w/ Street Cleaning w/in the next 24 hours). You still need to return your Zipcar back to the home location at the end of the reservation. Here are the spots you can legally park a Zipcar during your reservation at no cost:

  • Curbside spaces with a parking meter
  • Curbside spaces without a parking meter
  • Curbside spaces that require a Residential Parking Permit (RPP) in all eight wards of the city


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