One-Way Reservations

We’re introducing select new Zipcars with more flexibility than ever. You can take these Zipcars one-way or round trip. Change your drop-off if plans change. Want more time? Extend it as long as you'd like.

One-way trips are currently available in Boston.

Booking Your Reservation

You can book a one-way trip up to 30 minutes in advance. These more flexible Zipcars are intended for spontaneous, last-minute trips. Since these cars are constantly moving around the city, they can't be tied down in one place for too long, so we are unable to allow booking more than 30 minutes in advance.

Extending Your Trip

You'll always be able to extend a one-way trip since no one has the car after you. However, late fees still apply so make sure to extend if you want to keep the car longer. (Late fees start at $50.)

Dropping Off Your Zipcar

When you book a one-way trip, you'll select your drop-off location at the time of booking. However, you can change that location anytime during your reservation using the mobile app. You will need to return the Zipcar to a designated Zipcar spot. 


To learn more about one-way trips click here.

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