I got into an accident, what should I do and what is the process?

Accidents happen, and we hope that you are okay. Once it is safe to do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Report the incident to us by phone at 866-4ZIPCAR
  2. Take pictures of the damage, call the police to fill out a police report, and collect information as detailed in Section 7.4 of the Rules of Vehicle Use
  3. You will immediately receive an email with a file to fill out an incident report

Here are some things to know or keep in mind as we process the accident and navigate through the claims process:

  • Your Zipcar account will be suspended while we investigate the incident and Sedgwick works through the claims process
  • Coverage, liability, and claims will be handled by Zipcar’s claims administrator, Sedgwick CMS, and they can be reached at 866-345-2474
  • Zipcar will inspect the vehicle for damages and bring the vehicle in for any necessary repairs
  • Once the investigation and claims processes are complete, your account will be reviewed to see if the suspension can be lifted
  • You may be charged a damage fee for repairs
  • An email with the details of any charges and the status of your account at the conclusion of the process will be sent to you
  • The accident process can take several weeks to fully conclude
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