Hourly and Daily Rates

Zipcar offers two different rates when reserving: hourly rate and daily rate.
The hourly rate will be the base cost when reserving for one hour and the daily rate is the maximum you may be charged for a 24hr period. You will always be able to see the estimated cost before confirming a reservation. 

Getting the best deal

All you have to do is select the time you want to pick up and drop off the Zipcar. We will do the math for you and give you the best deal depending on how long you reserve. That may mean that while you do not have it for the full day, the daily rate may be cheaper. Just note that the daily rate does not necessarily mean you have it for a full day and you'll have to return it at the end of your trip.

Hourly only Zipcars

Please note that we do have some cars that can only be reserved by that hour so if the daily rate appears as "N/A" on the reservation page there is no day rate available. These Zipcars are meant for short local trips and they give members access to more Zipcars on short notice.


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