What services are available for disabled members?

We are happy to be of service to disabled members.  When you are applying online, the application process will ask you for basic driver information.  It is in this section that you would self-identify, that you have a physical disability or drive with someone who does.  It is here, the applicant can indicate their accessibility needs and be presented with information regarding the following options before completing the application process.

  • I require the use of hand controls to drive a vehicle and I'm licensed to drive using hand controls.
  • Either I or someone I drive require(s) the use of s service animal.
  • I have a disability that prevents me from using a website or mobile application.  I will require live contact center assistance when using Zipcar service.
  • I require a personal care assistant(s) as additional drivers on my account. 

All members are required to accept and comply with the terms and conditions of the Zipcar membership contract.  By accepting the terms and conditions of the contract and using Zipcar's services you accept and agree to comply with the terms and conditions.



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