Weekday Reservations

As part of your Commuter membership, we reserve a Zipcar for you every week from 5am on Monday until 7pm on Friday. 


What to Expect with Your Zipcar

  • We will do our best to provide you with the same car every week. On occasion, the vehicle itself may change for cleaning or maintenance. Don't worry. You will always be notified in advance.
  • The car is yours for the week. You can choose to park it in its home location or park elsewhere depending on what is convenient for you. The home location is the only parking included as part of your membership.
  • Only you will have access to the Zipcar during the week. In the event we need to access the vehicle for maintenance or cleaning, our fleet team will make arrangements with you in advance.
  • At the end of the week, it is your responsibility to ensure that you return your Zipcar to its home location by 7pm fueled up and clean. If you need to keep the vehicle longer, please make sure to extend your reservation using the website, app or text. This will insure no one else reserves it.


What to Expect for Your Dedicated Parking Spot

  • At Zipcar, we call this dedicated parking spot the home location. It’s where the Zipcar lives between reservations. There’s always one parking spot for every Zipcar.
  • You can work with your sales rep to choose the home location that makes the most sense for your needs, based on availability. Some members choose a location that is close to their home, so they have a space to park at night, while others may choose a location closer to work for daytime parking.
  • The Zipcar can be parked outside of the location, but you are responsible for any additional parking costs.
  • You may not park another vehicle, other than the Zipcar, in the home location of the Zipcar. It is reserved for the Zipcar exclusively.


Picking Up and Returning Your Zipcar

  • All Zipcars are self-service, and you will be able to access your car Monday starting at 5am until Friday at 7pm.
  • At the start of your weekly reservation, you ’ll find the Zipcar at its home location. Take a moment to confirm there is no damage from the weekend. Then just tap your Zipcard on the scanner to unlock the car and you’re ready to drive!
  • To drop-off the car, just return it to the home location by 7pm on Friday. Tapping your Zipcard on the scanner will confirm the end of the reservation and will lock the vehicle. You should do this even in parking locations with attendants to insure your reservation end time is correct.
  • The key to car-sharing success is returning on time.  Make sure to extend your reservation if you need more time and do it as soon as you can. Late returns can impact others who have the reservation right after yours. If you do not return by 7pm, we will charge a $50 late fee.



What Happens During the Weekend?

  • Your dedicated weekday Zipcar is available to others on the weekend. Be sure to take your belongings with you on Friday.
  • You can extend your reservation into Friday night or the weekend for an additional charge if the car is available. Just go online or use the app like any other reservation.
  • Please note that as part of the car-sharing community we rely on all our members to keep the car clean and fueled up for the next driver. If you ever receive a vehicle at the start of your reservation that is not clean or has less than a quarter tank of gas, please let us know right away by reporting in the app or calling 866-4zipcar. We will follow-up with the previous member.




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