Weekend Reservations

While weekend trips are not included in your Commuter membership, you can still make your own weekend reservations at standard rates plus miles. 


Making a Weekend Reservation:

  • As part of the sharing economy, your weekday commuter vehicle is not guaranteed to be available for the weekend.
  • You have access to all Zipcars between 7pm on Friday and 5am on Monday including your Commuter vehicle. If you would like to keep your Commuter vehicle, we suggest booking as early as possible especially on holiday weekends.
  • Weekend reservations are not automatic, and you will have to make your own reservations during the weekend either using the mobile app or online.
  • You can start a weekend reservation as soon as your weekday reservation ends and keep it until your next weeks commuter time starts.
  • Remember, you cannot drive two vehicles at once, so you also cannot reserve two vehicles for overlapping time periods.


What it costs:

  • Discounted hourly and daily rates are provided during the times between weekday reservations. Please note that these will vary by city.
  • All reservations on the commuter membership are pay-per-mile. The cost in the US is $0.45/mi, and in Canada the cost is $0.30/km. 
  • Since we don't know how far you are driving, your estimated cost at the time of booking will not include miles (including tax) so we ask that you plan accordingly.
  • For details on the cost of the Commuter Membership, please click here








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