Commuter Program

Commuter Membership Plans

Standard Commuter Membership

  • Vehicle types include: Honda Civic, Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Corolla or similar depending on availability.
  • Includes a month's worth of weekday reservations (5am Monday- 7pm Friday) per monthly membership fee. Weekend reservations not included, but members have the option to make their own weekend reservations.
  • Members pay for miles driven: In US cost is $0.45/mile and in Canada the cost is $0.30/KM.
  • Gas, insurance and a dedicated parking space are included. For gas, a payment card is provided, but it’s the member’s responsibility to ensure there is at least a quarter tank in the vehicle at the end of the week.
  • All commuter weeklong reservations must be within the same metro as the member. Weekend reservations can be made across the US and Canada.

Plus Commuter Membership

  • Access to AWD & larger capacity vehicles, including Honda CR-V, Jeep Renegade, Ford Escape, Subaru Crosstrek or similar depending on availability.
  • All benefits of the Standard membership 

Membership Costs

  • Cost will vary depending on the metro. See prices in your area here.
  • Membership is based on a monthly fee and is charged on your settlement date each month.
  • Mileage from weekday reservations will be billed at the end of each week.
  • If you book additional hourly or daily Zipcar reservations on the weekends, you will be charged fees + mileage at the end of each reservation.

How It Works

Picking Up and Returning Your Zipcar

  • All Zipcars are self-service, and you will be able to access your car Monday starting at 5am until Friday at 7pm.
  • At the start of your weekly reservation, you’ll find the Zipcar at its home location. Take a moment to confirm there is no damage from the weekend. Then just tap your Zipcard on the scanner to unlock the car and you’re ready to drive!
  • To drop-off the car, just return it to the home location clean and fueled up by 7pm on Friday. Tapping your Zipcard on the scanner will confirm the end of the reservation and will lock the vehicle.

What to Expect with Your Commuter Zipcar

  • We will do our best to provide you with the same car every week. On occasion, the vehicle itself may change for cleaning or maintenance. Don't worry. You will always be notified in advance.
  • The car is yours for the week. You can choose to park it in its home location or park elsewhere depending on what is convenient for you. The home location is the only parking included as part of your membership.
  • Only you will have access to the Zipcar during the week. In the event we need to access the vehicle for maintenance or cleaning, our fleet team will make arrangements with you in advance.

What Happens During the Weekend?

  • Your dedicated weekday Zipcar is available to others on the weekend. Be sure to take your belongings with you on Friday.
  • You can extend your reservation into Friday night or the weekend for an additional charge if the car is available.

Excluded Holidays

The holidays below are excluded from weekday commuter reservations. Commuters will still be able to make a reservation for their dedicated vehicle or any other Zipcar at standard rates plus mileage on holidays, but plan ahead. It will be available for others to book as well.

U.S. Holidays:

  • New Year’s Day (observed), Memorial Day, Independence Day (observed), Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Day (observed)

Canada Statutory Holidays:

  • New Year's Day Leave, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day Leave, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day Leave, Christmas Day, Boxing Day

Permitted Drivers

Only you are allowed to drive on your Commuter membership. While some Zipcar memberships allow others to join your account and drive, for this program each commuter driver must have their own account to ensure access to the dedicated weekday reservation.

Changing Commuter Vehicle or Location

Once you’re assigned a dedicated Zipcar and location, you can expect that it will stay the same unless we need to service the vehicle. If you have any safety concerns or would like to change to a different Commuter membership plan (Standard or Plus), please call us at 866-4ZIPCAR. We understand that you may want to try out different Zipcars, but please understand that we may not be able to always honor move requests unless it is for safety reasons. Weekend reservations are a great way to experiment.


Switching a location or vehicle requires support from our fleet team, so you should expect that it can take up to two weeks to have an available vehicle at any location.

Service Requests

If your experience any trouble with your Commuter reservation or billing, please call 866-4ZIPCAR and one of our experienced commuter agents will be able to assist you.

Weekend Reservations 

Making a Weekend Reservation

  • As part of the sharing economy, your weekday commuter vehicle is not guaranteed to be available for the weekend. If you would like to keep your Commuter vehicle, we suggest booking as early as possible especially on holiday weekends.
  • Weekend reservations are not automatic, and you will have to make your own reservations for the weekend.
  • You can start a weekend reservation as soon as your weekday reservation ends and keep it until your next weeks commuter time starts.
  • Remember, you cannot drive two vehicles at once, so you also cannot reserve two vehicles for overlapping time periods.

Weekend Pricing

  • Discounted hourly and daily rates are provided during the times between weekday reservations. Please note that these will vary by city.
  • All reservations on the commuter membership are pay-per-mile. The cost in the US is $0.45/mi, and in Canada the cost is $0.30/km.
  • Since we don't know how far you are driving, your estimated cost at the time of booking will not include miles (including tax) so we ask that you plan accordingly.

Managing Your Commuter Membership

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your Commuter membership at any time. You cannot receive a refund for the unused portion of the billing period (month); however, you will not receive a charge for the following months. We ask that you provide one week’s notice prior to the start of your next billing period. To cancel your membership, please call 866-4ZIPCAR.

Pausing Membership

Pausing your membership is a temporary cancellation of your Commuter membership plan. Upon request, we can cancel your weekday reservations indefinitely. Your account will remain open, and we will add you to our consumer membership plan until you're ready to reactivate your Commuter membership. To learn more about our monthly membership please click here.

Please note that we can't pro-rate any monthly membership fees. To start again, you must call in to reactivate your weekday Commuter reservations. When reactivating, we can't guarantee that you will receive the same Zipcar or location.