Fuel Card Missing or Not Working


Fuel cards are located in the driver's side visor.


US Vehicles

The following may lead to an error when using our gas cards in US vehicles:

  • Purchasing anything other than gasoline
  • Transactions over $35
  • More than 2 transactions in a 24 hour period

 Canadian Vehicles

  • Using the gas card inside the station. The card can only be used at the gas pump.
  • Selecting "fill to pre-authorization limit". You must pre-authorize the card for $60 or less.
  • More than 2 transactions in a 24 hour period. 

Still Having Problems?

If you can't find the gas card or you are getting an error message when using it, please call us at 866-4ZIPCAR.

If we can't troubleshoot your problem, please pay for fuel on your own and submit receipts for reimbursement.