New Website FAQs

With the recent release of our new member website, you may have some questions. We have answers.

How do I see all cars in my search results?
To see all cars near you regardless of availability, click Search using roughly the dates and times you’re interested in. Once the search results panel loads, select My time is flexible in the filter box at the top of the search results, and click Update search. You’ll now see all cars near you regardless of whether they may be reserved during your preferred search time.  

How do I sort by price?
We're currently unable to sort by price; however, more advanced sorting and filtering features are coming soon, including the ability to sort by price and filter by car features. At the moment, search results are automatically filtered by closest location to your search address. You can also filter by car type and model.

How can I get a receipt for a specific trip?
Navigate to your Billing page or click here. For each item on this page, you can click the download icon receipt_icon.png to save a PDF of the expanded transaction details to your computer. 

How can I access my monthly billing statements?
For accounts that pay for activity with each reservation, you can see your activity for a specific date range, click Download activity at the top left of the page, next to Your activity to export the information as a CSV file.

You can also view all your historical activity for the last 12 months by clicking View more at the bottom of the page to load older billing items.

For accounts on monthly payment cycles, please review this article for information. 

How can I see my driving credit balance? 
Your total credit balance is shown in the Your credits callout at the top right of the Billing page. If you have any credits, you can click the View details link to see a breakdown of all the active credits on your account.


So long as you have credits, they are automatically applied to your trips. To see how much driving credit was applied to a recent trip, expand the trip item to view the transaction details. Any credits that were applied will be listed here. 

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