Signing up for Stay Local

Stay Local is a new plan we are offering to our members as our community navigates the impact of COVID-19. It’s a plan that allows members who are taking shorter, local trips to pay less. That’s because you pay a lower hourly or daily rate per booking (up to 50% lower than our standard rates), plus mileage for each trip ($0.58 per mile in the US and $0.50 per km in Canada). You can join Stay Local for a $7 monthly fee, and gas, insurance and a parking spot are still included. 

To sign up for Stay Local, follow these easy steps:

  1. If you’re not already a member, click here to sign up for a monthly Zipcar plan, then proceed to step #2
  2. If you’re already a Zipcar member, click here to fill out an online form. Just select Changing My Plan and let us know you'd like to move to the Stay Local plan. You’ll get an email confirmation once you’re all set.

Rates are subject to change, and vary by market and by vehicle class. You can switch back to your previous plan at any time by clicking Change Plan from your account page.


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