Using Bluetooth to Unlock

In select locations only, Zipcar is adding Bluetooth technology to our Zipcar vehicles to make it even easier and faster to unlock our cars with the mobile app, even without a cell phone signal or internet access. 

To unlock a Zipcar with the mobile app using Bluetooth: 

  1. Before heading out to start your trip, turn on your phone's Bluetooth and location services for the Zipcar mobile app to ensure you have signal
  2. Once you get to your Zipcar, tap the Unlock button on the Drive screen of the Zipcar mobile app 
  3. Once the car unlocks, you are ready to begin your trip 


Bluetooth is available in select locations only. You will be notified via email if a Zipcar location you frequent supports Bluetooth. We recommend you keep your Zipcard with you on all trips in case your phone runs out of battery.

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