How do I join a sponsored membership plan?

If you are creating a new account, you may be eligible to receive discounts or promotions offered by a sponsoring business or organization. One example of this is AARP, which sponsors membership plans with Zipcar. Available incentives and offerings will vary by sponsorship program, but may include a discounted first-year membership fee, waived application fee, or driving credit (upon approval of application).

To join a sponsored membership plan, you will need to inquire directly with the sponsoring organization. An admin or representative of the sponsored program will provide a unique URL that will allow you to receive promotional discounts.

Keep In Mind

  • Zipcar is unable to provide the contact information of sponsored account admins
  • Zipcar is unable to provide unique join links to a sponsored plan
  • Sponsored membership plans are only available to new members upon joining (members who join via a traditional plan are ineligible to have their plans change to a sponsored rate plan)
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