What is a "Daily rate only" booking?

Some vehicles have a daily rate booking only option, meaning there is no hourly rate available. These vehicles are great for longer bookings and you can book them for as long as you'd like.

Keep in mind that each 24-hour period is charged at a single daily rate. For example, if you book for 36 hours, you will be charged 2x the daily rates. Remember, our daily rates may vary by day.

Also, please note that you only have the car for the number of hours you book. So, if you book a car for 8 hours, the car will be subject to a late fee if you return it after that amount of time. 

You can find these vehicles by looking for the blue  label.


Book your car for a bit longer than you may need within a 24-hour period, just in case, since your rate won't change.