How do I start my EV trip? 

Start your EV trip like any other Zipcar by using the app. Unlock the car, then do the damage and cleanliness report. Your location will be a Charging Home Location or Non-Charging Home Location.

  • If it’s a Charging Home Location, there is a charging station at the Zipcar home parking spot, and you will need to unplug the charging cable from the car to begin your trip.
  • If it’s a Non-Charging Home Location, there is no charging station at the Zipcar home parking spot, and you do not need to unplug.

Here's How to Unplug:

  1. After starting your trip, remove the charging cable by pressing the button on top of the cable and pulling (this may require a little bit of force).
  2. Return the cable to the charging station and remember to close the charging door on the car.

Hop in and push the EV’s start button. Press the brake and turn the gear dial or buttons on the shifter to put it in Reverse or Drive.

Look at the dashboard to see your range—that’s how far you can drive until you need to find a charging station to juice up.

Keep In Mind:

  • Check what type of home location your EV is parked in by looking at the location details in your reservation.
  • Driving ranges are an estimate and may vary based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, driving conditions, driving habits and weather.
  • Cold weather, fast driving, and using the AC or heat will slightly reduce your range.
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