How do I use the charging card?

Each charging station is different, but you can count on a few things:

  • You’ll need a charging card for the Chargepoint or SemaConnect brands.
  • You might need to download their apps for the station—Flo or EVgo.
  • You can’t pay with cash or your credit card like at the gas station.
  • Each charging station has instructions on the station or onscreen.
  • The charging station will let you know if the car’s charging. And the red charge icon in the car’s dashboard will also turn green.
  • Some stations may ask you to pay for parking. We don’t reimburse for parking during a trip.
  • A Level 2 charger takes about an hour to add 30 miles or 10% of battery life in a Kia Niro. *
  • When you lock the car, the charging cable locks into the port. It will keep charging, even if you walk away. If you get an error, don’t panic. Try repeating the last step or starting over.
  • Remember to return the charging card to the visor or cup holder. You’ll need it to plug in the car when you return.

Keep In Mind

Charging times are an estimate and may vary based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, vehicle model, driving conditions, driving habits and weather.