What happens if I run out of charge?

Don’t worry! Your EV will give you an estimate of how many miles you have left throughout your trip. It changes depending on how fast you drive, the outdoor temperature and whether the heat or AC is on.

You can recharge any time, but if you’re below 10% look for a charging station ASAP. Unlike gas cars, there’s no reserve tank. Once the charge level hits zero, the EV will stop running. So don’t risk it.

If your battery runs out, call us at 866-4Zipcar and wait until roadside service gets there to tow the EV to the closest charging station. This could add 2–3 hours to your trip on top of the cost of the tow. If you need help finding a charging station download the Plugshare app or use Google maps or Plugshare online to find the closest location.

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