How do violations & citations work with Zipcar?

Members are responsible for legal infractions such as traffic violations and parking citations. If Zipcar receives notice of a violation during (or in some cases, following) your trip, you will be charged a $30 processing fee in addition to the original cost of the ticket.

How do I pay for it? 
If Zipcar has already paid the citation, you will receive a charge to your credit card for the cost of the ticket (plus a processing fee), which will be available for review on the billing page.

If Zipcar has not yet paid the citation (typically in cases where a physical citation is left on the vehicle for you), you will be responsible for settling the ticket with the issuing municipality directly. Please follow their payment options accordingly. While you are not the owner of the vehicle and the ticket may not be in your name, you will still be responsible for the ticket.

What if I don't pay it?
If you do not pay a ticket, we will be notified and charge you a $30 processing fee. Additionally, you are responsible for the cost of the ticket including any late fees and we will bill the total to your account. Other fines or membership suspension can also occur if the ticket is not paid on time. 

Can I dispute it?
If you wish to contest a violation and the issuing municipality allows it, please do so promptly. If we receive a notice in the mail and you have yet to dispute the ticket with the issuing municipality, we will automatically bill your account for the amount of the violation, plus the processing fee.

Keep In Mind

In most cases, once Zipcar has paid the citation and charged your account, the timeframe to raise a dispute with the issuing municipality has expired or is otherwise no longer an available option

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