Accident Process

Accidents happen, and we hope that you are okay. Once it is safe to do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Report the incident to us by phone at 866-4ZIPCAR.
  2. Take pictures of the damage, call the police to fill out a police report, and collect information as detailed in Section 7.4 of the Rules of Vehicle Use.
  3. You will immediately receive an email with a link to fill out an Incident Report.
  4. Coverage, liability, and claims will be handled by Zipcar’s claims administrator, Sedgwick CMS. If you receive communications from the other party involved in the accident or their insurer, please notify Sedgwick at 866-345-2474 as soon as possible and pass along the insurance company’s name, adjuster’s name, claim number, and phone number.
  5. The local Zipcar office will inspect the vehicle for damages and bring the vehicle in for any necessary repairs. Your Zipcar account will be suspended while we investigate the incident and Sedgwick works through the claims process.
  6. Once the investigation and claims processes are complete, your account will be reviewed to see if the suspension can be lifted. You may be be charged a damage fee for repairs. You will receive an email with the details of any charges and the status of your account. The accident process typically takes several weeks to complete.
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