Accident Investigation Process

Accidents happen, and we hope that you are okay. Below are the steps we take after we learn of an accident so that you have an idea of what to expect. 

  1. Your first responsibility is to immediately report the incident to Zipcar. (Had an accident? click here) Within 24-72 business hours, you will be contacted by Zipcar’s Claims Administrator, Sedgwick CMS. You will be asked to provide information about the incident as well as other supporting documentation (pictures, police reports, etc.) to a Claims Adjuster. At the time of the incident, it is important, to the best extent possible, to obtain a police report along with pictures of the damage, the third party’s information, etc.
  2. If you believe anything was unusual or you have some concerns (for example, maybe there was pre-existing damage), you need to report that to the Claims Adjuster.
  3. The local Zipcar office will inspect the vehicle for damages and bring the vehicle to a repair shop to get pictures and an estimate.
  4. If an insurance claim is necessary, one will be filed with Zipcar’s Claims Management company (Sedgwick CMS). If you receive any communications from the other party or their insurer, please notify Sedgwick CMS as quickly as possible with their information (including company name, adjuster name, claim number, and phone number).
  5. You will be notified by way of phone calls and emails from the Liability Adjuster (from Sedgwick CMS) when all the steps of the investigation are complete and, based on the estimate of damage received, and whether or not a damage fee applies.


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