How do hourly & daily rates work?

Hourly & Daily Rates
Most vehicles have hourly and daily rates which vary by day of the week. When booking a vehicle, the hourly rate will be charged up to the daily rate of the vehicle, which is the maximum rate for a 24-hour period.

Sometimes, it will be cheaper to pay the daily rate versus the hourly rate, even if you're booking a vehicle for less than a whole day. We'll do the math and quote you the least expensive rate.

Hourly-Only Vehicles
Some vehicles are hourly-only, meaning there is no daily rate available. These cars can be booked by the hour and do not have a daily maximum rate for a 24-hour period.

Flat Rate Only Vehicles
Some vehicles have a flat rate booking option only, meaning there is no hourly rate available. You can find Flat Rate Only vehicles by looking for the blue label when going to book. More information about how this pricing works can be found here.

Keep In Mind

Hourly and daily rates may vary over time due to discounts, availability, holidays, or other factors. Other fees may apply.