Zipcar Fees

No one likes to talk about fees and fines, but they're a "must" to keep this whole car sharing thing running smoothly. Below are the common fees: 

  • Late Return Fee: $50 per hour (up to a maximum of $150), plus the vehicle usage charges.
  • Low Gas Fee: $30 if you return a vehicle with less than 1/4 tank of gas.
  • Zipcard Replacement: One free replacement card per year ($15 for each additional card).
  • Ignition Key Replacement: If you lose the key, the replacement fee is $75 plus costs for materials and labor.
  • Reservation Changes: There is no charge if you cancel or shorten your reservation with the required advance notice. The required notice is located on your reservation confirmation.
  • Personal Reservation Assistance: $3.50 per call to have a Zipcar Agent edit or make a reservation for you.  We encourage our members to use the self service features within our website or mobile applications.
  • Tickets/Violation Processing Fee: You are also responsible for paying any parking tickets and moving violations incurred during your reservation. If we receive a notice and process a violation, you will be charged a $30 processing fee.
  • Damage Fee: Up to $1,000 to cover the costs related to an accident. 
  • Other Violations: $50 per violation, plus costs incurred by Zipcar anytime a visit to the vehicle is required (including visits due to smoking or pets in the vehicle).
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