Keep It Clean

Within our car-sharing community, we have rules to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you and the next member. You can review the rules here

One of these rules is "Keep it Clean". 

We understand vehicles get dirty with use. However, in car-share it is not possible to clean every car after every reservation.  This is why members are expected to leave each vehicle reasonably clean and ready for the next member.  Keep it clean also means no smoking or removing any pet hair.

Remember to take a look around the vehicle before you end your reservation. It is important to take personal belongings with you when you go and throw away or recycle any trash. 

Please report any serious issues at the beginning of your reservation in the mobile app.  By using member feedback we are able to investigate and hold member's accountable to keep our Zipcar ready for use for all members.  We really want you to have a great experience and we can't do it without you. 



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