What is additional liability insurance (ALI)?

Additional Liability Protection (optional supplemental liability insurance) may be available for purchase for hourly or daily trips you take with Zipcar in the United States. 

If you decide to purchase this additional protection, it provides you excess coverage up to $300,000 under a policy of insurance offered by a third party insurance company if claims are made by third parties against you while you were using a Zipcar. For purposes of this policy, you may be referred to as a “rentee” under the policy, which is an “Excess Automobile Liability Insurance Policy” that provides additional liability insurance, within specified limits, above the limits provided in the Zipcar Member Agreement – referenced under “Third Party Liability” Section. The additional liability insurance coverage limits equal the difference between the maximum $300,000 combined Single limit under the policy and the liability protection limits provided under the Zipcar Member Agreement – referenced under “Third Party Liability” Section.

What is Additional Liability Protection?
Additional Liability Protection insures you against claims made by third parties against you, the member, for bodily injury/death and property damage caused by the use or operation of a Zipcar vehicle in accordance with the Zipcar Member Agreement. This coverage is a separate insurance policy issued to Zipcar by a third party insurance company.

More details about the coverage terms and conditions are summarized here. It is made available to you when booking a Zipcar vehicle. If you elect to purchase it for an additional hourly or daily charge as shown at the time of booking, you are covered while driving your Zipcar vehicle within the United States and Canada, but only if the trip begins and ends in the United States. Zipcar vehicles may not be taken into Mexico, and this coverage does not apply in Mexico. Rates may vary by state. If you purchase this insurance at the time of reservation, the insurance coverage is restricted only to the vehicle rented in that reservation and only for the period the coverage is purchased for the respective rental vehicle in the same reservation.

Your personal insurance policy providing coverage on an owned automobile, or other personal policy, may provide additional coverage, and to that extent, the Additional Liability Protection may provide a duplication of coverage. To determine whether, at what point, and to what extent your own policies apply, you should check the terms of the policies themselves as these terms frequently vary. The protection afforded by Additional Liability Protection is primary to your own policies. This means that before your own policies would apply to pay a claim, the $300,000 protection afforded by the combination of Additional Liability Protection and the Zipcar Membership Agreement limits would have to be exhausted.

How to add Additional Liability Protection
If available, you can purchase Additional Liability Protection for an hourly or daily trip in the United States in the app or on our website when booking a reservation. To purchase this insurance for your hourly or daily trip, click on additional liability protection and select Add protection. Rates may vary by state.

Keep In Mind

  • Additional Liability Protection purchases are non-refundable after your trip has started
  • ALI will not apply if members are not in compliance with the Zipcar Member Agreement
  • Members engaging in prohibited uses of Zipcar will not covered by Additional Liability Protection
  • This is only a general summary of Additional Liability Protection and only the policy governs the terms and conditions of coverage - please consult the policy via the links below

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