How can I change the owner of my account?

Ownership is typically non-transferrable. However, there may be cases in which the owner of a business account (the user who created the account) needs to be changed.

If the owner of an account is no longer with the business, our team of account specialists will be able to assist to ensure ownership is transferred to a new responsible party.

To be eligible for an ownership transfer, the following criteria must be met:

  • The original owner must no longer be with the business is an administrative capacity
  • The proposed replacement owner must have an admin account with the business
  • An email with the documents listed below must be sent from the proposed replacement owner

If your business account fits the above criteria, please email with the below information:

  • Employment verification
    Typically a letter from a human resources or similar department, though some organizations use a 3rd party for employment verification
  • Employee badge or business card
  • Letter from management or higher (on company letterhead) confirming and authorizing the request