I Need Help Fueling Up

Zipcar pays for the gas. You'll find the gas card in the driver's sun visor. Just follow these steps below to fill up:

  • Before you turn off the car, remember the vehicle's mileage (the odometer reading).
  • Swipe the gas card at the pump. It will ask you for the odometer reading and your gas ID# which will be on your Zipcard (or on your mobile app below your name.)
  • Select the correct fuel type and fill it up.
  • Once you are done be sure to put the gas card back in its home on the visor. 

 Your  Gas ID# will be the first 6 digits of your member ID. You can find the fuel type on the inside of the vehicle's gas cap or in the mobile app on the "Current Trip" screen (iOS) or "Drive" screen (Android).

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