Fuel Card Missing or Not Working

Temporary Issue with Shell Gas Stations

Due to a change in how Shell gas stations process authorizations, our fuel cards are currently being rejected at self-service pumps. We are working with Shell to fix this as quickly as possible, but in the meantime, please pay inside or use a different gas station.

Missing Fuel Card

If the fuel card is missing, let us know. From the Zipcar iPhone® or Android™  app, open the Drive screen and select Report to notify us of vehicle issues.

If you can, please pay for fuel on your own and submit your receipts to be reimbursed.


Fuel cards are located in the driver's side visor.

Problems Using the Fuel Card

Here are some things to try or keep in mind if you run into issues with the fuel card:

  • Never use the gas card to purchase anything other than gas
  • Always use the gas card at the pump when available; credit card machines inside stations may not always be compatible
  • If pre-authorization is required, select $60 or less
  • If you are prompted to input a zip code, enter the zip code of the credit card associated with your Zipcar account
  • Avoid filling the tank with small amounts of gas or using the fuel card multiple times over a short period of time

If you continue to experience issues and the fuel card doesn't cooperate, please pay for fuel on your own and submit your receipts to be reimbursed.

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