I Need Help Fueling Up


Fuel cards are located in the driver's side visor.


US Vehicles

The following may lead to an error when using our gas cards in US vehicles:

  • Purchasing anything other than gasoline
  • Transactions over $35
  • More than 2 transactions in a 24 hour period

 Canadian Vehicles

  • Using the gas card inside the station. The card can only be used at the gas pump.
  • Selecting "fill to pre-authorization limit". You must pre-authorize the card for $60 or less.
  • More than 2 transactions in a 24 hour period. 

Still Having Problems?

If you can't find the gas card or you are getting an error message when using it, please call us at 866-4ZIPCAR.

If we can't troubleshoot your problem, please pay for fuel on your own and submit receipts for reimbursement.