How Reservations Charge

Once a reservation is booked Zipcar puts a hold on the needed funds for 30 minutes in case you decide to cancel or make changes. After 30 minutes we will process the charge to the credit card on file and if there are any additional charges during your trip, we will add them at the end of your reservation. Any toll charges will be added as a pending charge on your account and settle on your monthly settlement date. 

Please be sure to have the correct credit card on file before booking as we are not able to switch charges to a different card. In a few cases (depending on your membership) reservations may be billed at the end of the reservation, or at the end of the month. To view when your reservations bill, click here to go to my stuff>my account and the information will be covered under the my membership section. 

You can always view all charges from Zipcar by logging in and going to my stuff > my statement. Click here to view your statement. 

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