How Driving Credit Works

  • Credit is only applied to reservation costs and cannot be applied to membership fees, tickets/violations, fees, or other non-reservation charges.
  • Credit will automatically apply when a reservation bills. Any leftover credit will remain on the account.
  • If there are multiple drivers on an account, the credit will apply to all drivers.
  • All credits are in the currency of the member's primary driving country, and cannot be applied to reservations in places with a different currency. 
  • Credit cannot be transferred to another person or account.
  • Unless otherwise stated, driving credit expires 2 months after it is issued. 
  • Driving credit expires immediately when your account closes. A refund cannot be issued for unused driving credit. 
  • Most driving credit is tax-canceling, meaning it is applied to the cost of your reservation before taxes are calculated.

To check when your driving credit expires, sign into our website and go to the Billing page. Under your driving credit callout, click View details. Your driving credit summary and expiration dates will be listed there.

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