Damage Protection

If you're age 18+, and have had no Zipcar accidents in the past 12 months, you are eligible to purchase damage protection to reduce or eliminate the damage fee. Purchasing damage protection won't change your insurance coverage—it just changes the maximum amount you'll be charged if you're involved in an incident with your Zipcar.

Our damage protection plans include:

  • Standard protection (included in membership)
    $1,000 fee per incident may apply
  • Plus protection
    $375 fee per incident may apply
    $5/month or $50/year

  • Premium protection
    Pay $0 per incident, no damage fees
    $9/month or $79/year

How To Add Damage Protection

Mobile App

To purchase damage protection in the mobile app, select the Account screen and click on Damage protection. From there, select the plan you’d like to add and confirm.


To purchase damage protection click here to navigate to your account page, scroll down to my damage fee waiver section, and click learn more or add a waiver. From there, select the plan you’d like to add and confirm.


Damage protection waivers are non-refundable and become effective on the purchase date and time. For policies regarding damage protection, please see section 5.2 of the member contract for more information.

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