Why was my Zipcar booking moved to another car or cancelled?

Why did Zipcar move my booking?
When unforeseen car, location, or member issues arise, we must occasionally move a member to a vehicle other than the one originally reserved. We understand how disruptive this can be and work to notify our members of the adjustment as soon as we become aware of an issue.

When your reservation is moved due to issues outside of your control you will always pay the lower price between the two vehicles.

Some things we prioritize when moving reservations:

  • Timeframe
    Keep the same start time, end time, and location of the reservation
  • Vehicle Type
    If a specialized vehicle is reserved, such as a Zipvan, we will always try to move the booking into the same or similar type of vehicle
  • Location
    If the same vehicle type is not available, we will move the reservation to the nearest available car

What if this new vehicle doesn't work for me?
If your new car doesn’t work for you and you’d like to move to a different vehicle or location, give us a call at 866-4ZIPCAR and we will work to find another car that better meets your needs.

You can always cancel the reservation and have it refunded within our cancellation window. Outside of this timeframe, feel free to give us a call at 866-4ZIPCAR and we will be happy to cancel and refund the reservation.

Why did Zipcar cancel my booking?
As a last resort, we may need to cancel your Zipcar trip if we are unable to source another vehicle at a suitable location for you. A full refund will be provided if this occurs.