Unlock with the App

Download the Zipcar iPhone® or Android™ mobile app to unlock and lock your Zipcar right from your phone.

To get started, make sure you have the following setup:

  • You are approved to drive (Find more information on your application status here)
  • Your mobile device is registered
  • You’ve allowed the Zipcar app to access your Location and Bluetooth.

To unlock a Zipcar with the app:

  1. Head to the Zipcar you reserved for your trip
  2. When you are next to the car, tap the Unlock icon in the app’s Drive screen.
  3. Once the car unlocks, you are ready to begin your trip

Still having trouble unlocking? Please review the notes below:

  • Enable location sharing in your phone’s settings screen:
    • For both iOS and Android, confirm Location Services is on in your Settings screen both under Privacy and the Zipcar app.
  • To make it easier and faster to unlock in the app without a cell signal or internet, Zipcar is adding Bluetooth technology to all our vehicles. You will be notified via your trip confirmation email if your Zipcar supports Bluetooth. Enable Bluetooth from your phone’s settings screen:
    • For iOS, confirm Bluetooth is on in your Settings screen both under Bluetooth and the Zipcar app.
    • For Android, confirm that Bluetooth is on in your Settings screen.
  • Check the door handle to confirm the vehicle is unlocked as some Zipcars may be quiet, or the lights may not flash.
  • Zipcards can be used as a backup to unlock your vehicle.
  • The keys should remain in the vehicle, so make sure your phone is charged to unlock and lock with the app during your trip.
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