How can I update my email address if I no longer have access to that email?

Experiencing login issues with your Zipcar account due to a lost email? We've got your back.

To regain access and update your email, let's verify your identity. Email us at with these details:

  • Your current Zipcar account email
  • The new email you want to use (make sure to email us from this address)
  • Explain the issue preventing login or email update
  • Snap a clear photo of your driver's license (matching your account)
  • Take a picture holding your license (showing your face and the license)
  • If your license address differs, send a matching document (utility bill, etc.)

Keep In Mind

If you are still able to login to your Zipcar account but no longer have access to your email inbox, you can still update your email by having a verification code sent to the phone number on file. Instructions can be found here.