Picking Up From a Garage

Parking Location Instructions

After booking your Zipcar, you can find location details in the mobile app, on your confirmation email, or on the website. These details will include instructions and pictures to help you locate and access your Zipcar. There will also be information on parking passes and codes.

Garage Attendants

Some Zipcars are parked at garages with valets. Valets will have their own special Zipcard that they should be using to bring you the car.

After they've brought you the car, make sure you lock and unlock with the mobile app (or Zipcard) even if the doors are already unlocked or open. This is how we know for sure when you've started and ended your reservation. If you do not have cell reception, scan in and out by holding your Zipcard over the card reader in the windshield.


If you do not have your Zipcard with you on your trip, please call customer service to ensure your trip has begun at 866-4ZIPCAR.

Do a quick inspection of the vehicle to report any issues, just as you would with a Zipcar in another location.

Some garages request that you call prior to your trip. If this applies to your reservation, you'll see a note and the garage's phone number on your booking confirmation page.

Cell Reception

Some garages may have poor cell reception. When booking a Zipcar you can see if the location requires a Zipcard to access the car. If it does, avoid booking cars in these locations until your Zipcard arrives.

If you are having trouble accessing a Zipcar in a garage by unlocking with your cell phone, we suggest you bring your Zipcard and hold it on the scanner for a few extra seconds.

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