What is the Uber Eats partnership program?

What is it?
In select cities, Uber Eats delivery people can choose Zipcar as their hourly option in the Uber's Vehicle Marketplace. Uber Eats deliver people are eligible for special rental rates, free gas, and 24/7 roadside assistance.

How do I sign up?

  1. Visit Uber’s Vehicle Marketplace in the Uber Driver app or on Uber’s website and select Zipcar as the hourly option
  2. Complete the Zipcar application or pair your existing Zipcar account
  3. Reserve your Zipcar with your mobile device using the free iPhone® or Android™ app
  4. Arrive at your reserved Zipcar and use the unlock feature on the Zipcar app to get into the car
  5. Get the Uber trade dress out of the glove compartment and place on the vehicle
  6. When your Zipcar booking ends, return your Zipcar to its home location and put the Uber trade dress back in the glove compartment

How do I book a Zipcar?
Once you’re approved as a Zipcar Member as part of the Zipcar for Drivers with Uber Program, you can reserve any eligible Zipcar whenever you’d like to drive. You’ll log in to your Zipcar account, select an eligible car, and access the Zipcar using the Zipcar app.

How much does it cost?
There are no upfront fees to rent a Zipcar. When driving on the Uber app, Zipcars can be reserved by the hour. Rates start at $5.50 per hour during the week (Mon-Fri) and $7 per hour on the weekends (Sat-Sun). Zipcar Members are also responsible for paying a mileage fee of $0.58 per mile after the first 180 miles. Any tolls, parking costs (when parking at locations outside of the Zipcar home space), tickets, or fines are the responsibility of the Zipcar Member.

Note: Prices are subject to change. For current pricing information, please use the Zipcar mobile app to receive a trip estimate.

Can I use a Zipcar to drive with other Uber products?
The rental rates are currently only available if you drive with Uber Eats and not with any other Uber products such as Uber and Uber Health. If you aren’t driving with Uber Eats, you won’t be eligible to participate in this Zipcar program.

What's included? 
Zipcar provides access to a variety of vehicles that you can use to drive with Uber Eats. Zipcar performs regular vehicle maintenance and provides a parking space for each car. Zipcar reservations are made by the hour and include gas and insurance as specified below.

When using a Zipcar to deliver with Uber (meaning the Uber app is on or you’re active on an Uber trip), Uber maintains commercial auto insurance on your behalf (see details). At all other times when driving a Zipcar, Zipcar’s insurance will apply. Learn more here.

Each Zipcar comes with Uber trade dress (for the front and back), which can be found in the glove compartment of the vehicle. Zipcar’s policy is that drivers are responsible for returning these decals to the glove compartment of the vehicle at the end of every reservation. If your Zipcar does not contain Uber trade dress, call Zipcar Member services at 866-4ZIPCAR. Report any missing items to Zipcar at the start of your reservation.

Where can I drive?
The Zipcar program is available for people who deliver with Uber Eats in select cities. Eligible Zipcars can be found using the Zipcar mobile app; however, not every Zipcar is eligible to drive on the Uber app. Once you sign up to deliver with Uber Eats, the Zipcar app will show only those vehicles that are eligible to be driven on the Uber platform.

Can I use my existing Zipcar membership?
Yes. Current, former, and new Zipcar members are all eligible to sign up for this program. 

How do I book a Zipcar?
When reserving, you’ll be able to choose your car, the hours you want to rent, and the pickup location. Zipcar has 2 easy ways for you to reserve: using your mobile device with the free iPhone or Android app, or online through the Zipcar website. Just be sure to always have your phone so you can access your Zipcar and manage your reservation.

How do I start my Zipcar trip?
Once you reserve, you’ll receive a confirmation email with directions for finding your Zipcar. You can also find these same details on your Zipcar mobile app.

When you arrive at the vehicle, use the unlock feature on the Zipcar app to get into the car. The key is already inside the Zipcar and should always remain there. (Lock and unlock the car as needed with the Zipcar app.) 

Zipcar provides Uber trade dress in the glove compartment of each pre-approved Zipcar vehicle. At the end of your reservation, return these items to the Zipcar glove compartment. Failure to return the items may result in a charge from Zipcar.

How do I link my booked Zipcar to my Uber account?
Once you unlock the car with the Zipcar app or your Zipcard, the car will then be automatically linked to you through the Uber Driver app.

How does insurance work?
If you participate in the Zipcar Program, the insurance maintained by Zipcar while you drive differs from if you were to drive a Zipcar as a consumer member outside of the Uber Program. If you are already covered by other vehicle insurance, you agree that that vehicle insurance will be the primary insurance, with any insurance listed below to be secondary. If you are not otherwise covered by vehicle insurance, then the following insurance will apply in the periods indicated. To obtain coverage in the event of a claim, you have a duty to fully cooperate, and you must be in compliance with all other Uber and Zipcar terms and conditions.

Uber may also maintain commercial auto insurance on your behalf. Click here for more details about the commercial auto insurance that Uber maintains on behalf of independent drivers transporting passengers via the Uber App, and here for more details about the commercial auto insurance that Uber maintains on behalf of independent drivers delivering goods via the Uber App.

Stage Damage to vehicle Liability insurance

Your Uber app is off (offline)

Zipcar to cover in excess of the $1,000 deductible

Zipcar to provide liability coverage up to the minimum financial responsibility limits required in the state/jurisdiction in which the accident occurs

Your Uber app is on (available and waiting for a trip request)

Zipcar to cover in excess of the $1,000 deductible

Uber to maintain liability coverage of at least $50,000 bodily injury per person, $100,000 bodily injury maximum, and $25,000 property damage.

Your Uber app is on (en-route or on-trip)

Zipcar to cover in excess of the $1,000 deductible

Uber to maintain liability coverage of at least $1,000,000 CSL (combined single limit) per accident and at least $250,000 for uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury when traveling with a passenger.

See program terms here.

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