What are the various fees & charges I might incur?

In addition to the cost of Zipcar membership and standard driving rates, other fees and charges may apply. See below for details.

Application Fee
A one-time $25 application fee is applied when a driver applies for membership. This fee offsets costs for pulling driving records and reviewing and approving applications. The application fee is non-refundable and is charged whether or not the driver is approved for membership.

Business Account Setup Fee
A one-time $75 account setup fee is applied when creating a business account. This fee offsets costs for account setup. The account setup fee is non-refundable. Specific membership plans and promotions may waive the account setup fee.

Young Driver Fee

A young driver fee applies to individuals between 18 and 24 years old when booking a trip within the United States. The fee does not apply for trips started after a member turns 25.

Mileage Fee
Most trips come with up to 200 miles (or 200km) included per 24-hour period, with 20 additional miles (15 km) for each additional hour (until up to 200 miles, or 200km, is reached). 

All additional mileage will be billed at $0.58/mile ($.50CAD/km) upon completion of your trip.

Some pay-per-mile cars or membership plans only include up to 180 miles or do not include free mileage.

Booking Change or Cancellation Fee
There is no charge if you cancel or shorten your reservation with the required advance notice, but if you don't cancel or shorten within the required timeframe, you're responsible for the full amount of the reservation. The required notice is located on your reservation confirmation. Learn more about changing and cancelling a reservation.

Toll Charges
All toll charges will be billed to your account after the trip ends. It may take a few weeks for Zipcar to learn of the tolls from the municipality, so it may take some time for the charges to appear. Learn more about our toll passes and policies.

Market/Regional Fees & Taxes
Depending on where you live, local fees and taxes may also be applied to the cost of your trip. Learn more about local taxes. 

Zipcard Replacement Fee
One free replacement card per year ($15 for each additional card). Learn more about your Zipcard.

Late Return Fee
$50 per hour (up to a maximum of $150), plus the extra time you used the car.

Low Fuel Fee
$30 if you return a vehicle with less than 1/4 tank of gas.

Key Replacement Fee
The cost of the replacement key if you lose the key.

Parking Pass Replacement
$225 if you lose or remove the parking pass from the Zipcar.

Vehicle Retrieval Fee

You will be charged a flat fee, at a minimum, if you do not return the Zipcar vehicle back to its home location by the end of your trip.

New York: $225
Los Angeles: $280
All other locations: $139

Roadside Assistance Fee
$139 flat fee for roadside assistance due to member error such as running out of gas.

Tickets/Violation Processing Fee
You are responsible for paying any parking tickets and moving violations incurred during your reservation. If we receive a notice and process a violation, a $30 processing fee will be assessed.

Damage Fee
Up to $1,000 to cover the costs related to an accident.

Cleaning & Other Violation Fees
$50 per violation, plus costs incurred by Zipcar anytime a visit to the vehicle is required (examples include: condition of the car, smoking violation, pet hair).

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